Cardstack ICO Review

Blockchain and Cloud are the most discussed buzz words in recent technology world. From a technology standpoint, both looks totally on opposite sides, having immense potentials. What if, there is a cohesive layer which can connect this two mighty technologies?. Cardstack is exactly offering the same. According to cardstack's white paper, Cardstack is the experience layer of the decentralized Internet  that orchestrating cohesive user experiences across blockchain and the cloud is essential to bringing decentralization to the mass market.

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TE-Food ICO Review

Usecase: Blockchain for Supplychain

How many of us know that there is a huge untapped usecase for blockchain in the supply chain network?. The traditional supply chain mechanism is heavy on data but the trust factor between the whole supply chain processes (Farming, Processing, Distribution, Retailing)is not at par. Mistrust between organizations, including fear that information might be passed on to a competitor has stopped organizations from sharing data. Even if when information is shared, it’s often not fully visible to all parties and not trusted across them. Bringing blockchain into supply chain network can help to digitally track and authenticate food products across the whole value chain. 

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NuCypher KMS ICO Review

NuCypher Key Management System is an interesting, high rated upcoming ICO. Let  us discuss about the fundamental problem statement this project is trying to solve, its different use cases, team and my final verdict.

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