Cardstack ICO Review

Blockchain and Cloud are the most discussed buzz words in recent technology world. From a technology standpoint, both looks totally on opposite sides, having immense potentials. What if, there is a cohesive layer which can connect this two mighty technologies?. Cardstack is exactly offering the same. According to cardstack's white paper, Cardstack is the experience layer of the decentralized Internet  that orchestrating cohesive user experiences across blockchain and the cloud is essential to bringing decentralization to the mass market.

Usecases in Nutshell

1. Need for cohesive user experience & structured transactions: Crypto-economy is going to demand complex interactions between user-initiated messages, value barring tokens, and interlinked smart contracts, as well as integration with existing systems. We need a cohesive user experience with the fluidity of a consumer social network, while facilitating structured transactions like a line-of-business system.

2. Leveraging mightily Cloud: There is no point in ignoring the cloud, just because it is not decentralized in pure theory. Instead, embrace and extend all the things the cloud can do today — global storage, unlimited computing power, automated deployments, fast data analytics, and at-scale machine learning etc as integral parts of blockchain solutions.

3. Eliminate application silos: As software moves to the cloud, users need to manage multiple subscriptions to cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) products and choose the right plan to optimize cost across all the needed features. The emergence of blockchain and decentralized apps exasperated the situation, by requiring users to acquire and manage the supply of utility tokens for each of the functions making up their software stack. Cardstack is primarily focusing on bridging the applications by reorientation of the vertical silos to horizontal layers allows native apps, cloud apps, and blockchain dApps to form a future software stack combining the best qualities of each of the software era’s approaches.

Cardstack Hub Architecture

According to Cardstack, plugins for Docker, Git, Hyperledger, Ethereum, NodeJs etc are already integrated with their layer. Once a new plug-in is written, software designers and developers familiar with the Cardstack framework can easily write user-facing components and cards without knowing the low-level details of each dApp’s protocol. 

So in nutshell, Cardstack is a pluggable, event-sourcing, search-first, open-sourced application framework for building distributed as well as decentralized application networks. Blockchain- and cloud-based apps that are integrated with Cardstack Hub immediately get the benefit of common components to handle prioritized queues, searchable libraries, and field-level configurations.

Token Economics

With Cardstack Tokens, users purchase credits to use software in the ecosystem, while makers and miners are rewarded proportionally, based on usage data and other market parameters. Cardstack Tokens (CARD) is the tradable token based on the ERC20 standard of the Ethereum network. When CARD are converted into SSC (Software and Services Coupons), they are locked in a reward pool and distributed to makers and miners based on a multi-variable model.

Cardstack Team

The team behind this project seems to be impressive and focused. The github has even two-three years old commits. This means that this project is not like many of the other mushroom ICOs that landing to the ICO market, just to grab the money. Chris Tse is the founder and head of the project. Hassan Abdel and Willian Bagby are other two notable names.

ICO Details


Similar to Ethereum, this project has huge potential due to its inherent usecase which is lacking now in blockchain space. Cloud, Blockchain or Web itself can stand by its own. But neither cloud nor Blockchain cannot become true paradigm shift if they stand alone. Cardstack simply put the idea of "united we stand" slogan. I believe that this ICO is an easy bet and long term hold.Kindly note that most of the information collated above is from Cardstack official website.

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